Agricola Lodge No 4501 has been holding Masonic meetings in Maidstone, Kent since 1923.

Originally formed by local Farmers and members of the horticultural supply industry, it has evolved over the years to include men from all walks of life.

The Word Agricola is the Latin for Farmer. Not to be confused with Gnaeus Julius Agricola who was a Roman General responsible for much of the Roman conquest of Britain.

The Lodge badge depicts Ceres who was the Roman goddess of the harvest and is shown holding a sheaf of wheat and a scythe, with a farmer in the background tilling the land and sheep at her feet.  The badge is surrounded by Hops symbolizing the local produce of the Garden of England. Ceres was credited with teaching humans how to grow, preserve, and prepare grain and corn. She was also thought to be responsible for the fertility of the land.

Today we have around 30 members ranging in age from young men in their 20’s to seniors in their 80’s.   Most live in and around Maidstone but one or two travel from as far away as deepest, darkest Essex ;-)))

Our six “Regular”( i.e. official )  meetings are on the 4th Friday of the month from October to November and from January to April.  The annual Installation of the new Master takes place in November.

Meetings are held at the Maidstone Masonic Centre in Tovil and usually start at 6pm; although working Brethren are welcome to arrive at any time.

We usually dine around 8pm.

New members and visiting Masons can be assured of a warm welcome, an excellent standard of Ritual, a relaxed and friendly Festive Board ( that’s what we call dinner! ), and a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Our Lodge of Instruction meets on most Thursdays from October to April.  Full details can be found in the Events section of this site.

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