Things you need to know

Freemasonry is open to men from all walks of life,  regardless of their personal circumstances or background. However there are a few things you need to know if you are considering applying for membership of a Lodge……

  • Membership is only open to men over the age of 21 years (18 in certain circumstances).

  • All Freemasons are required to have a belief in a Supreme Being.

  • All Freemasons are required to obey the law and to be good citizens.

  • Freemasons are specifically prohibited from using their masonic affiliations to further their own (or anyone else’s)  business interests.

  • Freemasons regularly donate money to Charity.  No one, however, is asked to donate more than they can afford.

  • A Freemason’s first duty is always the well-being of his family.

If you would like to apply to join
  Agricola Lodge No 4501
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