Agricola – How did it get it’s name?

If you have read the “About” page of this site, you will have already seen that the founders of Agricola Lodge No 4501 shared a common interest in Farming.  When the Lodge was founded in the period just after the end of the First World War, food production was vital:  Agriculture and those working in it were an important sector of the economy.

The word itself is Latin for Farmer.  It’s root lies in the Latin words ager, meaning Field, and cola meaning tiller or cultivator.

Agricola Lodge Insignia
The Lodge Insignia


The Lodge insignia (apologies for the quality of the picture… it’s very old)  features the roman goddess Ceres seated holding the fruits of the harvest.

A Ploughman is tilling the land in the background followed by a flock of birds.




Ceres Goddess of the Harvest

Ceres was the goddess of Agriculture, grain and the love a mother bears for her child.  In greek mythology she is known as Demeter.  Ceres was the goddess of the harvest, and was thought to be responsible for the fertility of the land.

The insignia  is surrounded by hops to illustrate the Lodge’s connection to traditional Kentish agriculture.

Agricola has been used several times as a name for farming Lodges.  Agricola Lodge No 1991 meets in York and Agricola Lodge No 7741, in Durham.  Do you know of any others?

Then please let us know…

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