All About: The Province of East Kent

Freemasonry in England , Wales, The Channel Islands and the Isle of Man is administered by the United Grand Lodge of England,  through 48  “Provinces”  which are largely based on County and the London Metropolitan boundaries.

Each Province is headed by a Provincial Grand Master assisted by a Deputy and one or more Assistant Grand Masters depending on the size of the Province.

Here in Kent, the large number of Lodges means that the County is split between the Provinces of East and West Kent.


Province of East Kent
The Province of East Kent’s Insignia

Agricola Lodge No 4501 is a proud member of the Province of East Kent whose headquarters are in Whitstable.  It is headed by Provincial Grand Master, Geoffrey Dearing.

The Province is home to over 6000 Freemasons who meet in 186 Lodges, based at 34 different centres around the county.  Locations range from historic Gravesend in the north,  to Dymchurch on the South coast;  and from Paddock Wood in the west,  to the seaside resort of Ramsgate in the east.


CEKFC – Caring for Kent

The Province’s main Charity is the Cornwallis East Kent Freemasons’ Charity (CEKFC) which is also based in Whitstable.

If you are looking to join a lodge outside the Maidstone area you can apply online by visiting the Province’s Membership Portal