April 2018 Meeting

Our April Regular meeting took place at the Maidstone Masonic Centre on 27th April 2018.

The main event this time was the “Raising” (i.e. taking the third degree) of Bro. David Dadswell by our Worshipful Master Paul Constable.

However before that, the Lodge witnessed a sad moment when WBro. David Kershaw rose to pay a fulsome tribute to our late Brother Richard Hinge,  who died recently at the age of 83.

David Kershaw
David Kershaw

Initiated in 1969, Richard was the last member of the Hinge “Dynasty” who had been staunch supporters of Agricola Lodge since it was founded in 1922.  Both his Father and Grandfather had been members;  and Richard had served the Lodge for many years including a stint as Secretary in the early 1990’s.

David recalled how he, Richard and the late Ted Whiting had progressed through the Lodge Offices together, providing mutual support, encouragement and friendship over many years.  He was, said David…

An example to us all, who will be sadly missed.

A Service of Thanksgiving for Richard’s Life will be held on Wednesday 16th May.  Details can be obtained from the Lodge Secretary.

David and Paul
David (L) and Paul

The meeting then proceeded with Organist John Fry restored to his place at the keyboard after his recent hospital treatment.  The Ceremony of Raising, featured an hilarious moment when The Worshipful Master, (who is 5ft 3 inches tall) raised David (almost 6ft 5 inches tall).

The Master Masons among our readership will appreciate the problem :-)))

Happily all was concluded satisfactorily,  when David was invested with the Rank of a Master Mason with much acclaim.

The Festive Board was our usual happy affair featuring Hot Sussex Smokie, Roast Beef and Apple Pie.  The Bottle Raffle in aid of the Lodge Centenary Fund featured a particularly fine bottle of Jura Single Malt.  It raised £56.00 and was won by David Kershaw.

The main Raffle raised a further £175.00 for which Charity Steward
Jim de Save thanked the Brethren.

In his toast to the Worshipful Master, acting IPM Richard Carney congratulated him on another battling and determined performance and thanked him for the funniest moment (see above) “… Since Herbie Watson’s trousers fell down”.  A famous moment of high comedy, featuring a wardrobe malfunction,  which occurred back in the year 2000.

This meeting was the last of the current “season”.   Our next will be on Friday 26th October 2018.  However there are a couple of social events over the summer.  Full details are in the Events section.