Worshipful Brother Colin Bayliss – 55 years a Mason

Fifty-five years is a big slice of anyone’s life and, at ninety-three years of age, represents 60% of Colin’s existence.  All those who know Colin will see how the integrity, respect and benevolence taught and encouraged by Freemasonry as a way of life, is reflected clearly in his own personality and character. The world is certainly a better place for having W Bro Colin Bayliss in it!

From R to L – W Bros Bob Burns, Roger Waltham , Colin and Midge Bayliss

On 1st April 1964, a thirty-eight (almost thirty-nine) year-old man named Colin Richard Bayliss was Initiated into our fraternity in the Cinque Ports Lodge No.1206, in this, the Masonic Province of East Kent. 

Colin later joined Agricola Lodge in Maidstone on 28th January 1977, where he became Worshipful Master of the Lodge in November 1989.  In 1993 Colin became the Lodge’s Assistant Director of Ceremonies, and in 1995, he took over as Director of Ceremonies, and continued in that role for four years until 1999.  Although no longer able to attend meetings, Colin remains both a member of Cinque Ports and Agricola Lodge and is regarded and remembered, to this day, as a highly respected and valued member.  He was first recognised by the Province for his contribution to the Fraternity in 1996, when he was appointed to the Rank of Past Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies, and he later received a very well-earned promotion to Past Provincial Senior Grand Deacon in 2002.

Colin went on to join Royal Arch Masonry at Monckton Chapter No.9236 in 2007, where he remained a member until the effects of his advancing years on his ability to attend, forced his retirement ten years later in 2017.

Due to some administrative delays, the certificate refers to fifty-years, and should have been presented five years ago.  It is extremely well deserved and we are all very happy that admin has eventually caught up with reality!   

Colin and Midge with daughter Penny.

Now in a Care Home with Midge, Colin was presented with his Certificate on Tuesday 21st May 2019, by W Bro Roger Howard Waltham, Past Assistant Provincial Grand Master, together with W Bro Bob Burns, Secretary of Agricola Lodge No 4501.

Photographs by W Bro Peter Floyd.

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